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Sonntag, 9. Mai 2010, 21:04

Gavin Harrison - Eine Email mit ein paar Fragen

Keine Abkürzungen
Gavin Harrison braucht sicherlich nicht mehr vorgestellt werden.
Dank Thomas Barth (Sonor) beantwortete der charismatische Drummer u.a. von "Porcupine Tree" meine Fragen unkompliziert per E-Mail. Die Bilder bekam ich ebenfalls von Thomas, vielen Dank noch Mal.
Die englische Version möchte ich euch nicht vorenthalten. Wann und ob eine Übersetzung kommt, vermag ich noch nicht zu sagen

DF: What is the meaning of drums for you?

GH: It's an instrument that I can express my artistic personality on.

DF: When did you start playing professional?

GH: When I left school at 16 years old.

DF: What do you like on your job as a professional drummer and what is the bad part?

GH: I like it when things come together in a groove and there's a kind of "divine synchronicity".
It goes beyond the normal connection that you can make with people - it's a kind of super connection.
The bad part can be going on stage and playing when you are REALLY not feeling well - maybe you're sick or really tired.
It's not the kind of job where you can just take a day off because you don't feel well.

DF: How would you describe a good drummer and what is his part inside a band?

GH: A good drummer is someone who has a very good sense of timing and control. Someone who can add something musical to the sound of the band.

DF: How important is human communication inside a band and the potential to deal with it?

GH: It's always important to communicate well with the other members of the band off stage as well as on stage.
You have to deal with all kinds of personality and political problems - but if you handle it professionally everything should work out fine.

DF: How will you describe the future of the music industry and important is the internet for you?

GH: The music industry has gone through a lot of changes in the past 20 years - for sure the internet (and illegal file sharing) has killed the traditional record companies.
It has hurt the artists too - but the folks doing the downloading never care about that. If anything is digital it can be downloaded from the internet for free.
I think a whole generation of young people will grow expecting all digital media to be free. I really don't know where the music industry will go next.
Playing live is about the only thing you can make money from now. It makes it all a lot harder for new bands.

DF: Your tip for young drummers and the members of Drummerforum?

GH: Don't forget to do a LOT of practise. There is NO shortcut to anything.

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