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    Als Drummer der The-Cure-Tributeband 'piCtUREs of you' war es für mich schon etwas sehr Besonderes mit Jason Cooper, der seit Mitte der Neunziger Jahre zur Besetzung von The Cure zählt, in Kontakt treten zu können.
    Unkompliziert und schnell schickte er die Antworten auf meine teils bekannten Fragen. Die Handyaufnahmen stammen vom Hyde Park am 7. Juli 2018.

    DF: When did you start playing drums and why did you choose this instrument?

    JC: I started playing age twelve, I had played piano and violin but did not stick with it and when my form teacher asked if anyone wanted to play drums I jumped at the chance. He had a big old seventies SONOR-Kit and would show me a few rhythms. The school built a basic recording studio and within a few months I formed a band with my friends.

    DF: What is the meaning of drums for you?

    JC: Many things, joy, the chance to play great music with The Cure, to be creative, to see different places, face challenges and hit things musically.

    DF: When did you start playing professional?

    JC: I played with various bands in Hong Kong and Germany when I was 18 but my first proper job was to play with Jean Jaques Burnell of The Stranglers aged 19.

    DF: How do you prepare a long tour like 2016 and how hard is it to perform so many songs more than three hours?

    JC: By getting fit: swimming, running, yoga and eating well. It can be hard to play for 3 hours if I am really tired or unwell otherwise you just get on with it.

    DF: What do you like on your job as a professional drummer and what is not so good?

    JC: I actually feel very lucky to do something I love doing. The only downside is missing my family.

    DF: How would you describe a good drummer and what is his/her part inside a band?

    JC: Someone who makes the music feel good, not to overplay and get in the way of the music, someone who is easy to get on with, good to be around and have other interests beside the drums.

    DF: How important is human communication in a band and able to deal with it?

    JC: Important, is there any other type of communication in a band!

    DF: Are drummers a special type of musicians?

    JC: Ha, Ha, no, but hopefully people see us as musicians!

    DF: Do you have any other projects/bands beside The Cure?

    JC: Yes, I write film music. My most recent is a film by director Stephen Merchant called ‘Fighting with the family’ about wrestling. Vik Sharma wrote the music with myself and Graham Coxon of Blur on guitar.

    DF: What are your future plans?

    JC: To go to NYC to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Australia to play at Sydney Opera House, Europe to play many festivals, to complete our album, do more film music and go birdwatching.

    DF: How will you describe the future of the music industry and how important is the internet for you?

    JC: As anyone who owns intellectual property it is a very challenging time for artists, authors and musicians. I hope and believe that although Pandora’s Box has been opened there is a way back. Finding ways to help people see that by paying for something are continuing a fine tradition of helping elevate the quality of art produced.

    DF: Your tip for young drummers and the user of Drummerforum?

    JC: Write music, listen to as many drummers/music as possible, try something new, birdwatch.

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