Aufruf an alle Brady-Besitzer

  • Hello drummers.

    Chris Brady of Brady Drums is celebrating his 75th birthday soon and I've copied a message below on behalf of Kelly Brady as she's locked out of her account (Kelly is Chris' daughter). This is a surprise so please don't email him if you have his contact information. Message below:

    "Calling all owners of Brady snares and drum kits...

    My Dad, Chris Brady, turns 75 in January. Since his retirement 7 years ago, it's become abundantly clear: drummers around the world LOVE their Brady gear, and Dad really doesn't comprehend the reach and impact his creations have had.

    For his milestone birthday, I invite all Brady owners you to record a short 30-60 second video of yourself with your Brady gear (no, you don't have to play anything). Just say a little about the history of your Brady gear &/or what they mean to you, and wish him a happy 75th birthday.

    This will be a surprise from all of us to him. Dad's not on social media, but if you could, help keep this surprise secret from him. He would be delighted to see everyone again and how much you all enjoy the drums he handcrafted for you over 35 years.

    Please also tag your fellow Brady owners in the comments section. We'd love to get as many drummers from around the world to participate by December 30.

    Here is how it works:

    1. Input your Brady gear into the Brady owners registry at

    2. You will receive a private email address to submit the video to.

    3. Record your video and email the video to the private video submission email address

    4. Dad will receive the master file on his birthday in January 2023.

    Looking forward to hearing from you all.

    Kelly Brady"

  • Keine Ahnung was das genau ist. Vielleicht ist es auch vollkommen seriös, aber die Website sieht extrem fragwürdig aus. Es ist alles sehr unprofessionell und die verwendeten Methoden schreien förmlich nach Sicherheitslücken. Ich würde da ungern meinen vollen Namen, Email und Adresse eingeben.

    Speed ist alles!

  • It's legit, you can have a look at the Brady Drums official Facebok and Instagram posts to confirm. Any concerns in terms of address etc can just be omitted from the submission.

    Apologies for not writing in German.


  • No idea what that is exactly. Maybe it's perfectly legit, but the website looks extremely questionable. It's all very unprofessional and the methods used cry out for security vulnerabilities. I would hate to put my full name, email and address there.

    I have a response from Kelly below:

    "Thank you for your message. I understand your concerns.

    Owner registry submissions are not shared with any third parties under any circumstances.

    Multiple high profiles Brady owners, including Aaron Comess (Spin Doctors) and Dave Abbruzzese (ex-Pearl Jam) have also submitted their information and sent videos for the birthday project.

    I'm simply trying to do something nice for my aging father's milestone birthday, who has brought innovative new products for drummers to enjoy.

    I hope this helps clarify.

    You are welcome to email me at

    Thank you."

  • Ich finde es ein wenig merkwürdig, dass die Domain 03/2022 auf dem Namen eines Gerd Teska registrierte wurde. Also es gibt eine neuen Besitzer.

    Andererseits stimmt die Aussage, dass Instagram und Facebook den Aufruf auch gepostet haben. Man darf nicht zu paranoid werden. Mit den Daten könnte man ja auch nichts sinnvolles anfangen. Außer man hat eine weltweite Einbruchsserie vor. :D :D

    Drumbandit: It's sad that you do not haven spareparts. I would need some lugs for a snare. ^^


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